You may have noticed something different about Sherpa when you opened Base Camp this morning: an orange mortar board icon next to the notification bell. This is the portal to Sherpa’s new in-application training platform, where users can get step-by-step answers to frequently asked questions. It’s like having a Customer Experience expert at your fingertips 24/7, and we hope it makes our CRM even easier and more intuitive to use.

This is a brand-new tool for us, so we’ve only added five Sherpa tasks so far: add a Sales Journal entry, record a sale/move-in, add a Prospect and schedule a move-out. We’ll let you know when we add more. If you have a suggestion for a frequent task that deserves its own tutorial, email us at

The menu for Sherpa’s in-app training.

Try it out for yourself! Here’s how to use our new training platform:

  1. Click the mortar board icon. A training window will appear with the message, “How do I…?” and a list of categories.
  2. Pick the category that best matches your inquiry. As of now, there are two question categories: Sales Guides and Occupancy. You’ll see more in coming months.
  3. Pick a task. Want to know how to add a prospect? Or how to record a sale? Click the task that best matches your inquiry.
  4. Follow the tip balloons. The mini-windows will appear to tell you where to click and what to do. Just follow the instructions.

If you have questions about using the tutorials or anything else, email our Customer Experience team at