Micro Metrics

The senior housing industry is starving for data. 

We keep track of the big numbers, like how many tours we gave this month or how many calls we made today. But counting those tasks doesn’t help us predict future sales performance or measure a prospect’s emotional readiness for making a buying decision.  

That’s why Sherpa is doubling down on our efforts to arm our client partners with data that closes the performance gap—one prospect at a time. We’ve developed the most sophisticated sales reporting enhancements available to the senior housing industry today, and we’re plugging them into the only CRM on the market built by senior sales experts.  

Take a look at our MicroMetrics Overview Video here. And read more on our approach to data on the Sherpa blog:

2Scott and Ryan

Since our launch in 2014, we have been relentlessly engaged in illuminating the gaps of knowledge that exist in senior housing sales. 

Mining those gaps (between an initial inquiry and a tour, or between a tour and the sale) led us to develop a product that spotlights significant prospect-level interactions and encourages best practices that have been proven to result in higher conversion ratios.  

Sherpa’s new reporting engine gives users endless opportunities for creative planning, strategic follow-up and evidence-based outreach.   

In addition to seeing how many tours have been completed, imagine being able to quickly and easily identify how much planning was done in advance of a tour, what occurred during, and how the tour advanced the sales professional’s ability to establish a trusted relationship with a prospect.   


Compare your sales team’s productivity to best performer benchmarks. Imagine accessing an any-time dashboard illustrating how much time you are spending on sales-related activities versus non-sales-related activities.  

Instead of only analyzing how many calls you made, engage with data that shows—in composite form and with validated access to per-prospect data—how much you know about a prospect’s life and the factors they need to consider before making a move. 

Not big data, better data.  Not macro metrics, MicroMetrics. 

Consider the future of senior housing sales data and join us in illuminating our valued prospects’ paths forward.