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Start guiding change in 2014 with Sherpa

March 08, 2014 by Sherpa

The wait is over. Maybe you weren’t even aware that you were waiting, but here it is. The time for change is now – and we’re here to guide you.

In 2014, we’re shaking up senior housing sales with the release of Sherpa CRM. A true labor of love, Sherpa is the brainchild of David Smith and Alexandra Fisher, the creators of Prospect-Centered SellingSM. Its construction and development took all the aspects and intangibles of the very best and most effective sales behaviors, techniques and metrics into account, making it a senior housing sales CRM that actually motivates, coaches and tracks what really counts to achieve results.

Why “Sherpa”? In global culture, a Sherpa is an individual hired to help you complete a difficult task, such as climbing a mountain. In this case, the mountain is an allegory for the emotional and complex landscape seniors and their families navigate when faced with the decision to move out of their homes into senior housing. With Sherpa as a tool, sales counselors will be better equipped to guide prospects toward this change.

A CRM is a common digital tool used for keeping track of contacts, leads and all their associated information. Sherpa does this and a lot more. This cloud-based application will help you understand the quantity and quality of your discovery on each prospect. It will also help prioritize your prospects by their Stage of Readiness for Change and it will help your team collaborate and decide on meaningful next steps

From a management perspective, Sherpa will measure and report data that is actually relevant to predicting and getting results.

Moreover, imagine a CRM with a fully integrated Coaching Center full of with ideas, concepts and best practices to make your sales force more confident and successful.

And, last but not least, it looks amazing! Sherpa comes with a very intuitive interface. It is easy and fun to use and, of course, web-based and built on the latest technology.

In upcoming posts, we will be exploring different aspects of the unique and challenging senior housing selling scenario. With a rapidly growing and evolving senior living industry, the need for more effective sales practices and better tracking and coaching tools is bigger than ever.

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