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A Change Might Do You Good

May 31, 2014 by Sherpa

Change is hard for prospects–that’s why we do what we do–but it can be a bit tricky for us as sales counselors, too. We may be set in our ways or want to take the path of least resistance when it comes to a sales effort. Maybe we’re worried of wasting time trying something new. It might not work, after all.

But skepticism only gets us so far, and in the case of Lifestyle Advisor Alice Yerkes of Brightwater Senior Living in Myrtle Beach, a leap of faith opened up opportunities for better responses from her prospects. Yerkes writes to us following a training session in March, and we greatly appreciate her sharing!

“You probably will remember that I was the cynical one at the second corner table. Although I do listen and try to absorb information, I often wonder, in practice versus theory, how this will all play out… but I thought I should give your process a try.  I am always looking for a better closing ratio, after all, who isn’t.

“…Now fast forward to the past couple of weeks. I did change up my approach with asking more personal questions. I did dig deep, asked about accents, children, work, background which some of theses topics I did stay away.  I have to say I have seen a complete change in the responses to my tours of the community, even that of those on the phone. I am talking on the phone for at least 25 minutes and more to those who are truly interested.

“A few lessons for me. Stop worrying about meeting numbers… Also I won’t be so hesitant to try something new. I have been doing this quite a while, but I am always interested in becoming better and being at the top of my game. The personal connections are working well. Asking these questions may be uncomfortable for me, but for prospects it is personal and speaks volumes to my interest in their life.  I now take any phone call be it IL or AL/SNF and investigate as much as I can, even if I do not finish with them. At that time on the phone they love the fact that they have a listening party that is interested in their lives and their loved one’s life.

“Thank you for finally getting me to listen.  I am slowing getting ‘Sherpafied.’”

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