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What Makes for Effective Creative Follow-Up?

September 15, 2014 by Sherpa

Bringing a pie might make a good first impression on a home visit, but an effective creative follow-up should deliver much more. Creative is the key word here. What could you do to make the prospect say, “Wow!?”

If you’ve visited One On One’s blog, you may have seen these photos sent to a prospect from the sales team at Cedarvale Lodge Retirement Community in Keswick, Ontario. The prospect voiced their concerns about moving. They were worried the food wouldn’t agree with their “sensitive tummy.” Instead of dismissing their concerns, (complaining is pretty typical of older adults… but what are they really unhappy about?), the sales counselors decided to actually listen. They got their friendly kitchen staff to participate in a simple yet direct message to the prospect.

Now the prospect feels connected to the people who work the kitchen at Cedarvale. The kitchen hears her concerns, and she doesn’t have to imagine the scary cafeteria line from the nursing homes portrayed in the movies. A bond has been formed. Still, the prospect “wasn’t ready.” A very common response. They were “waiting for a sign.” So the folks at Cedarville sent them exactly that (see the image at the top). They got even more residents involved in the sign game with a photo that read:

Now the other prospects have made a connection with the prospect, and the thought of living with a bunch of strangers is less daunting. And most importantly, the Cedarvale people have shown that they were listening. Here’s a recap of what makes a good CFU:

  • Know what drives your prospect
  • Address their concerns no matter how small it may seem
  • Get your staff and residents involved to build connections
  • Send a clear message that shows you were paying attention
  • Do something extraordinary and fun to make an impression

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