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Are You Shutting Down 90% of Your Prospects? (From Senior Living SMART)

January 22, 2015 by Sherpa

A recent article by Senior Living SMART discusses the limitations of transaction-based selling in senior housing and some of the opportunities to get better conversion ratios. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Step back and think about the emotional aspect of change. Are you trying to “convince” your prospects, or are you guiding them through an emotional decision? The best plan of action for you is to help your prospects convince themselves with meaningful questions and sometimes tough conversations.

Rather than classify your prospects as “hot, warm or cold,” start categorizing your leads on where they are in a stage of change or “readiness.” Counselors can help motivate readiness by addressing—and hopefully overcoming—their prospects’ internal emotional barriers at each stage of the decision-making process…

Depending on what stage of readiness your prospect is in, your strategy will need to be different. The questions you ask and the sales advances you aim for should be unique and personalized. Utilizing the same scripted questions for every prospect will not work, and this approach will actually give you the opposite result, no move-in.

Take some time to plan your next strategy for your top 10 prospects who fall under the category of “I’m Not Ready Yet.” By simply changing your approach and personalizing your follow-up based on what stage of readiness they are in, rather than trying to fit everyone in one box, will increase your sales conversions and give your community higher functioning, lower-acuity residents.

Read the full article from Senior Living SMART.


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