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Listen Up! Change, Trust and Ambivalence

May 22, 2015 by Sherpa

Kick back this weekend with three fantastic radio programs that get to the core of what makes relationship-based selling so effective: building trust, inspiring change and dealing with ambivalence.

How hard is it to change someone’s mind?

It depends on how you approach them, according to an episode of WBEZ’s This American Life entitled “The Incredible Rarity of Changing Your Mind.”

In Act One of this episode, the show follows a group of political canvassers who go door to door to try and change people’s minds about controversial topics. This makes our listening list not for the issues covered, but instead the methods used. The canvassers are skilled being able to talk about sensitive topics with strangers, but also in convincing them to rethink their stance.

Empathy and listening play a major role here, as they should with an big, emotional sale like senior housing.

How do you approach ambivalence?

A less recent but nonetheless fascinating segment on the BBC Four features writer Mark O’Connell and his self-reflective segment, “Ambivalence: For and Against.”

Ambivalence doesn’t have to be such a struggle. The author explains why having strong yet contradicting opinions can instead be a balance, and a courageous one. As a sales counselor, your role is to explore these contradicting emotions and help your prospect embrace both the pros and cons of what is a very difficult decision they will have to make.

Why should you build trust?

In a collaborative feature between NPR and TED Talks, presenter Simon Sinek talks trust in the workplace in Part Two of “Trust and Consequences.”

One main takeaway a sales counselor will get from this piece is that connections and alignment between people are fundamental to building trust. Also, the ability to make decisions without judgement makes trusting someone easier; trust and safety are linked.

Any shows we missed?

Did one of these programs strike a chord? Are there any others out there that promote better person-centered sales? Let us know!


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