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What Makes for a Great Tour?

July 08, 2015 by Sherpa

Sacramento, California-based blogger Steve Moran of Senior Housing Forum spent two and a half days at The Gatesworth, a senior living community in St. Louis co-owned by Sherpa founder David Smith. He documented his stay here.

This wasn’t his first senior living immersion, and the previous had been less than satisfying. “Staying in a Motel 6 room would have been a better experience,” he writes. Even with the bar set low, he took note of the amenities, and the people who offered them, at The Gatesworth.

A visit to the community, with its award-winning chef and high level of service, is part of the One On One sales training the Senior Housing Forum author attended. During a two-day period, the process of Prospect-Centered Selling ℠ shows attendees how to focus more human elements of the sales process through better relationship-building techniques.

This way of being curious, and taking time to ask questions, makes your entire community a better place. At The Gatesworth Moran found the staff to be engaging, not just courteous. “This goes beyond the basics of ‘good morning’ and ‘how are you today,'” he says. “Friendliness means having real adult conversations about life and the world.”

We’ve talked about the importance of getting the Executive Director involved, as well as using team selling to show prospects that you are offering actual relationships with your community.

Here are some other things that stood out during Moran’s visit:


This may be the first impression a prospect has of your community, so why not make it a good one? The Gatesworth has several town cars, which is a benefit to the residents and looks good to prospects.

Dining services

The Gatesworth invites prospects for a meal or a sales counselor will bring takeout on a home visit. What does your prospect like and dislike in terms of food? In life? We will make changes to meet YOUR needs and not the other way around.

The staff was friendly and engaging

Senior living offers is the opportunity for positive relationships with residents and staff, and that may be what your prospect is looking for. They might not know it yet. The only way to know for sure is to have a tour and show that you and your community share the same interest in them and their decision to move.


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