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The ‘Cold Lead’… Is it Really Cold?

July 23, 2015 by Sherpa

Written by Sherpa COO Jayne Sallerson

It’s easy to classify a prospect as “cold” and go onto the next one. What you don’t realize is that when a prospect says to you, “I’m not ready yet,” what they are really saying is, “Help me get ready.”

That doesn’t mean to start talking about your features and benefits. You will never get a prospect in the “thinking stage” to advance by trying to convince them on logic. Slow down, learn more about them personally, and earn their trust.

Simply ask questions about them as people and not prospects. For example, what have been their lifelong accomplishments, or what are they most proud of in their life? Once trust is built and they see you as an advocate, and not a “salesperson,” they will actually allow you to guide them through this life change.

The more you try to convince them, the more you will push them away.

Episode 1: The Cold Lead

What happens when you actually learn about your prospect?

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