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Getting To Know Sherpa: 7 Questions To Ask During a Demo

March 06, 2017 by Sherpa

We love to show Sherpa off. We “demo” Sherpa several times each week for senior living communities across the U.S. and Canada and are always encouraged by the thoughtful, perceptive questions we hear from executive directors, sales managers and C-level executives alike.

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Below you’ll find seven of our favorite most-asked questions. These are queries that have sparked insightful conversations that help sales teams understand how a CRM built by senior sales experts fits into their workflow. We hope that by sharing them, you’ll be able to make the most out the time you spend searching for a customer-relationship management tool—whether it’s ours or someone else’s.

7 Questions We Love To Hear During a Sherpa Demo

  1. How many hours in the Selling Zone does it take to get a lease signed? This is the question we hear most often. Get an answer tailored to your community during a demo.
  2. What is the science behind this feature? Every aspect of Sherpa—from the profile pictures to the coaching center resources—is born from the field-tested, evidence-based practices of Prospect-Centered SalesSM. Don’t be afraid to ask about the theory behind the function.
  3. How does this tool prompt our sales team to think deeper about the prospect? Sherpa works best when users don’t even realize it’s nurturing their own intrinsic helping instinct.
  4. How can this help me with prospects who say, “I’m not ready yet?” Higher-functioning prospects turn into long-term residents. Sherpa helps you connect with and convert this coveted demographic.
  5. Why should we add questions and/or photos to a prospect’s profile? We totally understand why sales counselors tend to focus on a prospect’s financial and health qualifies. Our tool shows them how to look at prospects more holistically.
  6. How does this tool help me start a conversation with a sales counselor who is struggling with their goals? Other CRMs don’t measure the metrics that actually lead to higher closing rates. Sales journaling, team planning and report building can help managers guide their teams.
  7. How does this tool help me keep the Executive Director/Owner/COO engaged in the sales process? We believe that everyone has a role to play in sales.

Good luck with your CRM search, and we’ll see you at your demo! To set one up, email info@sherpacrm.com.

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