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Why Sherpa Is an Open Book (And Your Technology Should Be, Too)

April 21, 2017 by Sherpa

For sales professionals to succeed, they must arm themselves with the right balance of data that allows them to learn, act and improve daily. Too much data, and they’re overwhelmed by distractions; too little, and they’re flying blind.

That’s why we’ve built a stable of value-added integrations for our partners. In addition to standard APIs and custom integrations, we aggressively pursue relationships with businesses whose products improve efficiency, efficacy and empathy in operations. Our ability to inter-create with other technology solutions gives users added functionality and access without sacrificing Sherpa’s core mission: to put the “relationship” back in Customer-Relationship Management.

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Why integrate with other technologies instead of building a behemoth, all-encompassing software ourselves? Because we believe the days of the all-in-one system are over and the days of the best-in-class system are here. As the gap narrows between senior housing marketing and sales, the most competitive operators realize that beginning the prospect-centered conversation long before the initial inquiry occurs is a true differentiator.

At Sherpa, we’ll continue to do our part to educate our consumers about integrations so they can make the best choice for their company. For starters, Sprout Social offers a comprehensive, high-level view of how systems speak to each other in today’s interconnected digital landscape in its blog post, What Is an API, And Why Does It Matter?

Sherpa Integrations

Find a list of current and upcoming integrations in our Summary of Integrations report below. For a list of available APIs and developer tools, contact us at info@sherpacrm.com.

[pdf-embedder url=”http://sherpacrm.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/2017-Current-Integrations.pdf”]

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