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Sherpa CRM Announces Launch of Prospect-Centered Website

May 25, 2017 by Sherpa

Prospects are people, or so says Sherpa founders David Smith and Alex Fisher, two industry veterans who have spent decades advancing the concept of a prospect-centered, relationship-affirming approach to senior housing sales.

Following years of hands-on experience selling senior housing as consultants and owners/operators, Smith and Fisher founded Sherpa out of a joint desire to deliver an industry-specific tool designed to measure and reward key selling behaviors. Three short years into its initial launch, Sherpa has grown exponentially, now serving thousands of users. Today, Sherpa announces the release of its newly redesigned website at sherpacrm.com.

“Sherpa’s growth in the market has been humbling, “said Fisher. “We knew the sales process worked and we knew our platform was the only tool of its kind in the industry, but the enthusiasm exhibited by our client partners outpaced our expectations.”

Sherpa’s Chief Strategy Officer Katie Davis, who joined the company following her successful role as a COO who deployed Sherpa in the CCRC’s she managed, says the re-launched website reflects a commitment to client-centered communication. That concept, she says, is central to Sherpa’s brand promise.

“Our goal is to help first and sell Sherpa second,” said Davis. “We don’t hide our pricing, we don’t hide our APIs, we don’t hide our contract terms. We believe in what we do and who we are. If Sherpa isn’t the best solution for a client’s needs, we are the first to recommend another technology provider.”

Future Sherpas are encouraged to browse the site for information on pricing, contract terms, and product updates and enhancements. Additionally, developers looking for information on current integrations or who wish to custom-build an integration gain access to a dedicated Developers’ Library and company contact.

In addition, the interactive About You section addresses common pain points expressed by senior living sales professionals navigating the purchase of a new system. Visitors to the site will also note an in-depth Results page containing testimonials from senior living executives who oversaw the implementation of Sherpa across their companies.

“The website may be new, but the mission is the same: Sherpa is still dedicated to putting technology at the service of older adults,” says Smith. “The site’s improved functionality gives both current and prospective users easy access to essential information that helps increase conversion ratios and drive revenue.”

Sherpa wishes to acknowledge the hard work and creative talent of Sage Age Strategies and TOKY, both valuable partners in this development process.

About Sherpa

Founded in June 2014 by David Smith and Alexandra Fisher, Sherpa is a proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) software platform. Based in St. Louis, Mo., Sherpa puts prospects first by marrying empathy with technology to drive improved results. Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, or keep up with recent happenings on our blog.


Questions? Contact us via email at info@sherpacrm.com.

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