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Sherpa Launches Game-Changing Team Performance Dashboard

September 13, 2017 by Sherpa

Time is life’s great equalizer.  For prospects, who consider their own personal legacy and how to spend the time remaining.  For senior housing sales professionals, who are under pressure to produce results on a timeline they don’t always control.  And for Executives who are attempting to make important decisions in allocating sales resources with limited insight into how those resources are deployed. 

For months, we’ve been working on a solution to improve visibility and insight into what we believe is an organization’s most valuable resource:  Time in the Selling Zone®.  With the launch of our new Team Productivity dashboard, we’re one step closer to closing the information and performance gap most senior housing organizations face today. 

Scroll down as we walk you through highlights and screenshots of this sophisticated new reporting tool. 

Top Performer Benchmarks 

At the top of the Team Productivity dashboard, users find a circle graph which breaks down how much time top sellers spend with prospects per day.  It also provides users with an analysis of how much time top producers spend on different activities.  Consider this your compass (built on independently verified data anonymously aggregated from Sherpa Users), for guiding yourself or your team to greater success.   

Community Tables 

Now it’s time to really dig into the numbers.  

The Team Productivity dashboard includes tables that allow users to closely analyze their team’s Time in the Selling Zone®. At a glance, see how many prospects each team member has worked, how much time they’ve spent per prospect and how they spent that time. Sherpa pulls data from the Sales Journal to calculate in real time how many hours leasing counselors spend on selling activities.  

And you can go even deeper into your data. With Sherpa’s new validation feature, users can click on the number of Prospects Worked anywhere in the table and a pop-up will list all of the prospects whose data informed that number. Navigate easily from the table to a prospect’s profile in Sherpa and back again.  

The gray bottom rows display the number of leads worked—on average and in total—for each community. “Leads Worked Total” reflects the total number of unique leads worked in each column. You may notice it adds up to less than the sum of each Leasing Counselor’s “Prospects Worked” total; that’s because prospects often interact with multiple counselors during the same sales activity before moving in.  

If your company has multiple communities, the accordion-style interface allows you to collapse or expand tables for a condensed or detailed view.

Choose Your View 

Hold yourself to the highest standard with Sherpa’s graph view. With just a click, see how your company, your community or even an individual leasing counselor spends time with prospects measured side-by-side with top performers. Here’s how it works: 

Does that graph on the left look familiar? The Top Performer Benchmarks breakdown is so important to sales success that our engineers put the graph at the top and the bottom of this report. Here, users can easily compare those benchmarks to the Time in the Selling Zone® allocation for their entire company or for an individual community or counselor by clicking the toggles below the graphs.  

Time in the Outreach Zone 

How much time are you spending on outreach compared to selling? When selling, are you spending your time where it’ll make the biggest impact? These are two of the questions answered by the Total Time Spent graph, which displays in real time how much Time in the Selling Zone® or Outreach Zone a counselor has spent.  

As experts in senior living sales, we know how important it is to spend time with prospects during the gap between agreeing to the sale and actually moving in. This graph helps leasing counselors compare how much time they are spending before or after a sale occurs:  an important metric for quantifying how resources are being used and how they could be improved for a greater cumulative effect.  

The Team Productivity Report also displays time spent on outreach activities to professional referral sources. Toggle back and forth by clicking either “Prospects” or “Outreach” at the top of the page.  

You’ll notice there aren’t any circle graphs on this report. That’s because we’re still studying how top performers spend their Time in the Outreach Zone. We’re learning as we go, and we’ll update the Outreach report when we have the evidence-based data to back it up.  

Thanks for taking a tour of our new Team Productivity feature, the first of many reporting improvements Sherpa will release this fall.   

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