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News from the Tech Desk: New Updates & Enhancements

September 20, 2017 by Sherpa

Welcome to News from the Tech Desk, our newest blog column where Sherpa users can find all the latest product enhancements, updates and features.  

For more news about product development, read last week’s News from the Tech Desk 

We’ve added three important new functionalities to the Sherpa CRM this week: 

  • Profiles for Shared/Transferred Prospects 
  • Automatic status changes 
  • Task reassignment

Keep reading for more details about each enhancement. And you can always reach out to us with questions: support@sherpacrm.com 

Profiles for Shared/Transferred Prospects 

Sherpa users will notice two new features on profiles for shared and/or transferred prospects: 

When a Prospect is shared and/or transferred, a blue label badge will appear next to the Prospect’s name. 

At the top of each profile is a grey box—called a “scorecard”—that indicates the prospect’s Status, Stage and TSZ breakdown. Prospects who have been shared and/or transferred among multiple communities will now have multiple cards. Hover over the card stack to see all of the communities the Prospect is in, or click the “All Communities” card to see totals for TSZ activities.  

Automatic status changes 

Sherpa will now automatically update a resident’s status to “Former Resident” after the given move-out date.  

When a Prospect or Patient moves in/out, transfers in/out or has a trial stay, this occupancy activity will appear in a tab on their profile called “Occupancy.” 

Reassign tasks 

Admins can now reassign tasks left over from removed or deactivated users. When an Admin removes a Leasing Counselor from the Leasing Counselor role or Admin deactivates a user with outstanding tasks, the Admin will be able to reassign outstanding tasks to another user. 


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