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Know Thy Leads: Sherpa’s New Reporting Tool Gets to the Heart of a Customer-Centric Sales Culture

October 02, 2017 by Sherpa

Remember when websites and social media disrupted our traditional marketing campaigns?  As these marketing vehicles evolved, so did our knowledge of the customer and, not surprisingly, the data points we used to measure our own success. We went from celebrating calls, sales and the deliciously amorphous “brand engagement” score to measuring likes, reach and bounce rates. 

The same concept applies to senior housing sales. For decades now, we’ve measured the relationships between inquiries, tours and move-ins. But as senior housing evolves from a need-based, acute-care product to an amenity-driven service, our sales and marketing approach must also adapt.  

Sherpa MicroMetrics 

We built Sherpa for customer-centric operators to measure proprietary data points that illustrate behavior trends and patterns and inform sophisticated sales cultures. Our newly launched dashboard Know Thy Leads takes that insight to a new level by mining your prospect database to provide sales teams and managers with actionable opportunities for building trust, connection and prospect knowledge. See what sales teams know about their prospects, and identify gaps in your pipeline before they slow down the buying process.  

“Know Thy Leads gives Sherpa users an entirely different view of the senior housing sales process,” says cofounder and CCO Alex Fisher, who designed the dashboard hand-in-hand with Sherpa’s development team. “It’s almost like the prospects themselves are telling you how well you’re doing. Now you can actually measure the quality of conversations between sales counselors and prospects and identify new opportunities for engagement that would otherwise have gone unseen.” 

To read more about our new reporting enhancements, including the new Team Productivity dashboard, visit our MicroMetrics page on the Sherpa website 

Getting started 

To get started on the Know Thy Leads dashboard, use the drop-down menu bar at the top of the dashboard to customize your view by prospect type, region, community and care type. Use the Timeframe menu to get results for New Inquiries and Prospects Worked within a particular week, month or year.  

Once you’ve selected which leads you want to know more about, Sherpa will automatically populate the dashboard with data from prospect profiles, journal entries and tasks. In the Knowledge and Trust section, see at a glance how much your sales team knows about prospects—their motivations, their daily routines, their life stories. Measure how well you’re demonstrating curiosity by writing Case Study Questions or asking for photos of the prospect, their home and their influencers.  

The Opportunities for Engagement section breaks down your sales team’s key sales activities, including Creative Follow-Up, home visits and tours. Quickly identify which prospects need your attention with the lead base maintenance tracker, which measures prospects with no next steps or overdue tasks as well as average days since last activity. The Prospect Pipeline at the bottom of the dashboard gives users a current snapshot of prospects by status and stage of change.  

Data validation 

Just like our new Team Productivity dashboard, the Know Thy Leads dashboard lets users dive even deeper into the numbers with data validation. Click on the blue hyperlinked numbers under any category (or on the blue bars on the “Prospects with Biography Information” graph), and a pop-up table will list all of the prospects whose data informed that number. Navigate easily from the table to a prospect’s profile in Sherpa and back again.  

On the Know Thy Leads dashboard, each validation table is tailored to its category. For example, the “Prospects with Case Study Questions” validation displays the prospects’ names as well as the number of open questions listed on their profile. The validation under the Prospect Pipeline lists the inquiry date beside prospect names for easy reference.

Want more information about how to use Sherpa’s new analytics features? Email us at support@sherpacrm.com 

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