Hello Sherpas! 

Welcome back to News from the Tech Desk, our  blog column where Sherpa users can find all the latest product enhancements, updates and features.

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We’ve added two new awesome features to Sherpa CRM this week: 

  • Rich Text formatting to journal entries for prospects and Professional Referral Sources
  • Ability to select a specific event from a drop down when choosing “Event Attendance” as your Next Step. You will also be able to use Advanced Search to view and create RSVP lists to upcoming events in your community.

For an “expert” demonstration of these features, we asked Teresa “Gingeneer” Grosch,  one of our many software developers working to improve Sherpa CRM every day. She had so much fun recording this that she may consider a second career in film!

As always, you can reach out to us with questions: support@sherpacrm.com