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News from the Tech Desk: Updates and Enhancements

January 18, 2018 by Sherpa

Hello Sherpas! 

Welcome back to News from the Tech Desk, where Sherpa users can find all the latest product enhancements, updates and features.

To catch up on more news about product development, you can read last quarter’s update on the blog.

In the last few months of 2017 and into the New Year, Team Sherpa has been focused on building a sophisticated reporting engine and unveiling two proprietary reporting dashboards (check them out here and here). The new reporting engine is nearing QA and is scheduled for release by end of Q1.  In the meantime, we’ve continued to release Enhancement Requests and Bug Fixes to the platform on a bi-weekly schedule.  Here are some of the enhancements recently released:

Base Camp Face-to-Face Events

On Base Camp, Face-to-Face Events such as tours and home visits now show past-due to match tasks if not completed.

Influencer Profile, API Leads and Lost Lead Reason Data Export

When editing an influencer associated with a prospect profile, we’ve updated the prospect modal to open directly to the influencer section.  API leads (inquiries being ported into Sherpa via API) now have the ability to accommodate multiple inquiry sources.  And on data exports, users can now include entries from the ‘Lost Lead Reason’ data field.

Duplicate Entries

Sherpa will now check for duplicate Prospects and Influencers cross-company, not just cross-community.

Bulk Actions

Sherpa Users have been asking for this one for months and we are so pleased to announce that Bulk Actions are now available for Outreach Contacts! Using our sophisticated Advanced Search feature, you can now organize, sort, and track email and mail campaigns for your professional referral sources within Sherpa.

The filters for Bulk Action match those found in Advanced Search, including the option to search Custom Fields (if applicable) and Demographics. Additionally, if a community has the MailChimp integrations in place, their lists can now be used as a filter within Advanced Search.  For a detailed walk-through of the Bulk Actions feature, check out this video featuring our Training Guru Brie Ramsey.

Thanks again to our dedicated Sherpas for your feedback. We are inspired by you and hope these improvements make your daily tasks a little more joyful!

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