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News from the Tech Desk: Enhanced Features Meet Customizable Reports

March 01, 2018 by Sherpa

Hello Sherpas! 

Welcome back to “News from the Tech Desk”, our blog column where Sherpa users can find all the latest product enhancements, updates, and features.

To catch up on more news about product development, read last month’s News from the Tech Desk.

In this edition, and in anticipation of the March 1st launch of our enhanced features, we’re talking all things reporting. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect when you log in tomorrow morning! 

A Fresh User Experience

All. New. Everything. Clean user design, intuitive navigation and a dedicated Sherpa reporting environment where you can dig deep into your data without distraction. Company–and Regional–level users will note significant improvements in their ability to display trending data as well as in their ability to aggregate company-level data as a whole.

Enhanced Reporting Functionality

In addition to the improvements to our core Sherpa reports, we’ve added key functionality improvements, so users can now customize, share and schedule reports at their leisure.

Customizable Sherpa Reports

In any Sherpa report, users can now navigate to a customization module containing a clickable smorgasbord of additional data points and summary values such as totals, averages, medians, and modes. Once they click and customize, they are prompted to save their customized report.  

Save Sherpa Reports to ‘My Reports’

Once a report is saved, Sherpa creates a landing space for users to view, edit or delete their shared reports. Saved reports are updated automatically if selected data points are relevant, and from this launching pad, users can edit, delete, share and schedule their saved reports.  

Schedule and Share Sherpa Reports  

While viewing a saved report in the ‘My Reports’ section, Sherpa users can now schedule reports at regular intervals for easy retrieval and review. By ‘setting it and forgetting it,’ users can schedule the report to be delivered daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually to themselves or other company users. Users can manage scheduled report settings on their dedicated Scheduled Reports Page.

The reporting update also allows users to share their customized report, one time, with a Sherpa user in their company. It also gives users the option of sharing an Excel Template or sharing the Sherpa Report template itself. Users will find Shared Reports (those you’ve shared, or those shared by others with you) located under the Shared Reports icon for easy access and editing.

Future Reporting Enhancements

Also of note, users can expect a 6-week iterative release schedule for reporting enhancements. So, in addition to the above, you can expect more enhancements to come as we launch Sherpa’s largest reporting enhancement project in history. Let’s say it one more time, ‘enhancement’!…

(Curious about an iterative release and what it is? Click here for some insight into Agile software development and how we plan, develop and deploy at Sherpa HQ.)

March 15th:  Functional and style updates to our proprietary dashboards: Know Thy Leads® and Team Productivity®. Our focus with these Dashboards is on improving performance, user experience, and overall flow within the reporting environment.

April 1st (or bust):  This is an ambitious release that includes a complete design overhaul of the existing Sherpa dashboard and will add intuitive, exportable data visualizations for each Sherpa report.

For a detailed walk-through of the Reporting Enhancements starting with the new user interface and navigation, click here. After that, you can click here for a further look into customizing, saving and sharing reports.

Non-Reporting Enhancements

Not to be minimized and in addition to the reporting enhancements, Team Sherpa has also pushed the following enhancements since our last blog update in January:

  • Alphabetizing of Advance reasons, as well as including ‘Agreed to Trial Stay’.
  • When editing or adding a sales note or case study, if a user attempts to leave the page without saving it first, a notification that changes have not been saved will appear.
  • Users can now select specific portions of a prospect profile for printing.
  • When updating the current strategy in the strategy box at the top of a prospect, patient, or outreach contact profile sales journal, users will be taken to the sales note associated with that strategy.
  • Users can now select a country and then a state, or province, from a dropdown list associated with the selected country. Users can now also enter alphanumeric postal codes. This is available when adding/updating patient profiles, adding/updating influencer information, adding/updating prospect and resident information, adding/updating a professional referral contact, and adding/updating a professional contact’s information. Further, users can now filter by country and state, or province, in Advanced Searches.

Thanks again Sherpas, for your dedication and your feedback. We continue to be inspired by you, and hope these improvements make your daily tasks in Sherpa a little more joyful!

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