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News From the Tech Desk: Visually Stunning, Epically UX-Centered New Dashboard Design

March 29, 2018 by Sherpa

Hello Sherpas! 

Welcome back to “News from the Tech Desk”, our blog column where Sherpa users can find all the latest product enhancements, updates, and features.

To catch up on more news about product development, read last month’s News from the Tech Desk.

Now, let’s jump right into what we’re rolling out this week! We’re into high-quality tech function, but we also appreciate high-quality tech fashion!

So, we’ve released the first of our incremental updates for our ambitious redesign of the existing Sherpa dashboard and intuitive, exportable data visualizations for Sherpa reports. This first update provides new segmentation by The Selling Zone, The Marketing Zone and The Operations Zone, as well as data visualization.

The following updates, throughout April, will include features to add/remove data tiles, pop-up validations to dig deeper into the numbers, and data exports. We understand a redesign this ambitious might take a bit to sink in, so we’ve provided a link at the top of the Sherpa Dashboard to view the original design if the user wishes. However, we foresee our users getting captivated pretty quickly by the new design!

Thanks to all of our dedicated Sherpas who use our CRM and who provide us with great feedback. Our goal at Sherpa is to make your jobs and tasks easier (and maybe a bit more visually stimulating in the process).

See Sherpa in action.

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