Welcome back to “News from the Tech Desk”, our blog column where Sherpa users can find all the latest product enhancements, updates, and features. To catch up on more news about product development, read last month’s News from the Tech Desk.

This month’s tech news features an enhancement not to Sherpa CRM, but to our website and is aimed at giving an enhanced intro to our software!

We love a good first impression—and we love showing our viewers and potential clients how our best-in-class CRM compares and contrasts with other industry CRMs. Our creative team put together a succinct product demonstration to give viewers a better look at just how the Sherpa CRM works and how it’s built to combine empathic motivation with sales success.

We know that you senior sales professionals have a ton of options when it comes to managing your prospects. Sometimes a brief intro video can help start the road to that selection process (even if your road doesn’t lead to Sherpa).

If our product video piques your interest further, feel free to shout out directly to Patrick from our sales team, at Patrick@SherpaCRM.com, to request an in-depth, personalized real-time demo of the software.

Stay tuned for more News From The Tech Desk and thank you for continuing to inspire our team with your work!