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News from the Tech Desk: Sherpa’s Latest Enhancements

October 11, 2018 by Sherpa

Hi there, Sherpas-

Here at Sherpa HQ, we are always working to improve your experience. With that in mind, here’s some new features and improvements that we’ve cooked up in the last few weeks (drumroll, please)…


Occupancy Board: You can now hover over a unit to see pending move-in/move-out dates, as well as pending transfer-in/transfer-out dates.




Adding New Users: When adding a user, if you choose “Select Existing User” from the dropdown menu, Sherpa will now display the email address of the user next to their name. This way, Admins know that they’re selecting the correct “Ann Smith” from their company.



Open Tasks for Lost Leads: When setting a Prospect or Patient to “Lost Lead”, or Outreach Contact to “Inactive,” Sherpa will automatically cancel all open tasks, as well as remove them from your list of scheduled tasks in Base Camp.








Phone Number Auto-Formatting: We’ve replaced the free text phone number field with a standardized field and standardized all previously-entered phone numbers, so that you can easily search by phone number, or parts of it (such as area code) via Advanced Search. You can also enter international phone numbers by selecting from a dropdown menu in the Add Prospect modal.




Prospect Case Study Links: We have added a Facebook link to the Prospect’s Profile, to make researching and planning even easier. You can use this in addition to the existing research links (Zillow, White Pages, etc.) Stay curious!




Shared Outreach Contacts: You can now easily see that an Outreach Contact’s profile has been shared with other communities in your company. Like a shared Prospect, you can now toggle between each community’s scorecard for that Contact, as well as filter their Sales Journal by Community.






Print Professional Contact Profile: Identical to the Print Profile feature on the Prospect Profile, we’ve added the ability to customize and print your Outreach Contacts’ profiles.



Reporting: We’ve made several updates to reporting in terms of viewing, scrolling, and speed.


Have any questions? Suggestions? Please reach out to our Customer Support Team, seven days a week. We really love hearing and learning from you!

Here’s how to get in touch:

Phone: (314) 432-1234

Email: support@sherpacrm.com

Thanks for being a Sherpa!

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