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News from the Tech Desk: Sherpa’s Latest Enhancements

December 19, 2018 by Sherpa

Hi there Sherpas,

Here at Sherpa HQ, we are always working to improve your experience. With that in mind, here’s some new features and improvements that we’ve released. (drumroll, please):

Reporting: We’ve made a variety of improvements to reporting that improve speed, data consistency and overall user experience. These include:
• The default load for all reports now fits on your screen without horizontal scrolling (minimum screen width 1280 pixels)
• Column headers for reports are now frozen for vertical scrolling
• Pagination for all reports have been removed for easier viewing
• Report exports now include averages and totals
• Trends exports now place all trend columns on one tab
• Major speed enhancements to all reports
• Additional data points added to the Sales Conversions report, including:
– Ratios and counts for New Leads to Initial Tours, Initial Home Visits and Initial Total Visits
– Complete counts for Total Deposits, Sales and Move-ins
• Additional data points added to Team Productivity and Know Thy Leads reports, including:
– Average Time per Active Prospect
– TSZ Before Sale, TSZ After Sale and Overdue Activities for all Active Leasing Counselors

Labeling: To make Sherpa even easier to use, we unified the labeling throughout the CRM and Analytics. For example, you’ll notice that labels referencing sales activities have been displayed as “tasks”, “actions” or “activities”. These items are all now unified as “activities”. Additional label updates include:
• New Leads and Worked Leads used consistently sitewide
• Tasks and Actions changed to Activities sitewide
• Action Plan changed to Next Activity
• Active Next Steps changed to Open Activities
• Date Received changed to Sale Date
• Financial Responsibility changed to Financial Move-in Date
• Filters in analytics have been updated to provide clarity, they now show All Regions, All Communities, All Care Types, All Deposits, etc. instead of Select a Region or Select a Community.
• Advanced Search / Bulk Actions filters and categories have been reorganized to provide clarity and consistency

Have any questions? Suggestions? Please reach out to our Customer Support Team, seven days a week. We really love hearing and learning from you!

Here’s how to get in touch:

Phone: (314) 432-1234
Email: support@sherpacrm.com

Thanks for being a Sherpa!

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