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Sherpa Announces New Marketing Automation Integration with ActiveDEMAND

April 11, 2019 by Sherpa

At Sherpa we understand, as our customers do, that the route to sales-qualified prospects begins with marketing-qualified prospects. The touchpoints and targeted messaging generated by marketing automation platforms lay the tracks that bring prospects into our sales process.

This is why in addition to creating integrations with multiple marketing automation platforms, we’ve now taken integration a step further by announcing a new partnership between Sherpa and marketing automation leader ActiveDEMAND.

In addition to our proprietary, proven Prospect Centered Selling approach and tools, our customers can now access the capabilities, features and options of a marketing automation platform.

This integration will provide Sherpa users with a seamless experience and quick access to their marketing automation activity, as well as powerful benefits and features including:

  • Tracking prospect history of digital marketing engagement and website footprint
  • Dynamically adapt your campaign landing page in real time
  • Nurturing campaigns for prospects who aren’t yet ready for the sales process
  • Consolidating and optimizing all aspects of your social media campaigns
  • Call tracking, recording and transcripts linked to prospects sales activities
  • Appointment scheduler for home visits and tours
  • Customizable marketing reports and dashboards

A number of Sherpa customers are already using the ActiveDEMAND platform, and this integration will continue to grow and deepen to benefit our users. These capabilities allow our customers to take full advantage of Sherpa’s holistic approach to understanding prospects and their needs, so those prospects are treated like people, and sales decisions are nurtured rather than driven.

Our Sherpa Co-Founder and President Alexandra Fisher refers to this “deep” partnership as a huge advantage for our customers.  “We’re excited about this level of integration and alignment between sales and marketing, to deliver Prospect Centered content beginning with the marketing process,” she says. “It makes the flow of information and leads to CRM seamless.”

Sean Leonard, CEO of ActiveDEMAND, has also championed the integration: “Sherpa and ActiveDEMAND are a natural fit, not only in the deep integration between our platforms, but also because of the client-focused attitude we share. Sherpa is focused on enabling senior living sales counselors to provide the best guidance possible for their prospects. ActiveDEMAND supplies Sherpa with important prospect insights, plus the tools and information those counselors need to help clients make their best choices.”

For more on Sherpa’s current integrations, check out our integrations page or contact us at sales@sherpacrm.com.

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