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We Hear You, Dictation is Here!

December 05, 2019 by Sherpa
Dictation - look no hands!

Journaling all that awesome discovery takes time. After a long visit with a prospect, the last thing you may want to do is start typing long notes. And yet, you need these notes to clarify your understanding of what you learned, to remember details about them, to create a next step that is highly personalized. At Sherpa, we believe – and there is plenty of data to prove it, that the better your notes, the more likely you are to build a sustained connection with your prospects.

The faster you can get the information out of your head and capture it in Sherpa, the more headspace you have for the prospects you serve.

At Sherpa HQ’s we set out to make journaling easier. To help you capture more life stories, in less time and in a more conversational, intuitive way – no one likes taking time to slowly type out notes!

We are so excited to bring dictation to you!

Starting Friday, December 6th – anywhere you type on the profiles, you will find a cute orange microphone, press it and start talking!

It’s like an easy button for journaling.

Hit a button…. and tell Sherpa everything!

What’s their life story?

What do they do during the day?

What is important to them in order to be happy?

Don’t type very fast?

Or maybe writing isn’t your thing?

No problem, just speak your notes into Sherpa, Sherpa is listening.

Capture meaningful prospect information just like you would talk to your best friend and save your time for more time in the selling zone.

Happy journaling!

Get a sneak peek of the cute orange microphone and how it helps you journal:

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