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Sherpa Launches Prospect-Centered Selling® E-learning Platform

February 11, 2020 by Sherpa
Sherpa e-Learning

Prospect-Centered Selling® is a revolutionary approach to senior living sales that helps you build trust with your prospects. And while it’s proven to deliver better results, it is a change from conventional sales methods. 

Implementing Prospect-Centered Selling® requires a companywide cultural shift, with sales managers and counselors needing a deep understanding of the methodology alongside the tools and knowledge to put that methodology into action. That’s why we’re excited to launch Sherpa e-learning

Download the Sherpa e-learning brochure here.

The inspiration for our e-learning approach came from our Culture Starter Workshops. These two-day events introduce the power of Prospect-Centered Selling® to attendees – and we wanted to bring this content to more of our clients and industry colleagues.

A New Learning Platform for a Better Way of Selling

Our e-learning platform – available as an add-on to your Sherpa CRM solution – is designed for any organization using or transitioning to Prospect-Centered Selling®

Sherpa e-learning provides a simple path to standardizing your sales processes, whether training new sales associates, providing a refresher course for existing associates, or giving leadership insight into how to better manage a team following this approach. 

Unlike other online learning platforms, with Sherpa e-learning you receive access for unlimited users across your organization.

We believe this is the best way to help each of your employees see first-hand the value of prospect-centered sales, even if they’re not in a direct sales role. It’s a chance to align your company culture across multiple locations and divisions.

Each e-learning course includes multiple chapters with videos, interactive questions and in-depth material on the philosophy and process of Prospect-Centered Selling®. Courses conclude with a quiz so team members can immediately check for comprehension and review key points they may have missed.

Sales managers can enroll their associates and counselors in selected courses, and monitor progress directly from the e-learning dashboard.

For the February, 2020 launch of Sherpa e-learning, five courses are available:

  • Introduction to Prospect-Centered Selling®
  • Connecting and Building Trust
  • Untangling Emotional Resistance
  • Advancing Towards Ready
  • Leadership: Managing Sales Behaviors

Introductory Pricing

You probably already know we never charge per user for the Sherpa CRM. We’re taking the same approach with e-learning. We’ve made pricing clear and straightforward. One price, unlimited users. The annual fee for access to the platform is $4,000 per company and $1,000 per community.

To learn more about how to add e-learning to your Sherpa CRM and unite your sales teams around Prospect-Centered Selling®, contact elearning@sherpacrm.com.

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