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These interactive sessions show how to use Prospect-Centered Selling® (PCS) to elevate the way you sell and ultimately get more conversions.

What is the Virtual Classroom series?

Virtual Classroom is a week of live, interactive coaching sessions (90 minutes each) led by senior living sales experts. Our instructors have decades of experience using PCS in their own sales teams as well as mentoring others in both the methodology and metrics. 

As part of the five-day series, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Brainstorm with sales professionals around best practices 
  • Explore proven strategies that focus on empathy and trust-building
  • Get to know what to measure and how to make advances
  • Develop next steps and key sales goals using PCS

Who is it for?

Prospect-Centered Selling makes an impact across countless sales scenarios. Virtual Classroom is designed to bring the experts together with professionals from different geographies, backgrounds and selling styles within a digital space.

There are two types of Virtual Classroom series:

  • Private sessions with content tailored to your organization or teams (email for availability and more information)
  • Open sessions where sales professionals from throughout the industry can collaborate and share insights on using a PCS strategy

Our open sessions are ideal for smaller companies or those who want to interact with other organizations in the senior housing industry. They’re also helpful for communities who already use Prospect-Centered Selling and need a refresher or to onboard new team members. There are valuable takeaways in every session and for all levels of an organization.

When is it?

Our next open series runs on the following:

October 19-23, daily at 12PM CT

November 9-13, daily at 10AM CT

December 7-11, daily at 12PM CT

Let’s keep the conversation going. Join us and other senior living sales professionals to learn how to drive results and sustain a successful sales culture.

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