The Sherpa Data Team created this industry report to give you a better picture of how senior living sales have been affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. We’ve seen how communities have adapted to a totally new environment without tours, home visits or move-ins. This report is intended to measure what matters and to highlight activities that help increase sales performance.

As we’ve said before, cultivating readiness in our prospects by building trust and meaningful connections has been crucial – not only during the pandemic, but as a sustainable sales strategy and culture.

We welcome your feedback and hope these findings give you some context not only as to the impact of Covid-19 but also how you can better reach your prospects with empathy, curiosity and courage.

This Sales Performance Report covers:

  • Outcomes including advances, sales and deposits
  • Lead generation and sales conversions
  • Sales performance including selling time (planning, voice-to-voice interactions, virtual tours and creative follow-up)

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