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Sherpa ASCEND: It’s all about better sales results

September 14, 2020 by Sherpa

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Does this apply to senior living sales? Absolutely. 

We all know the landscape has changed. Covid-19 presents fundamental challenges to the way sales teams have traditionally achieved and measured success. We’re seeing fewer new leads than before and fewer tours. The tactics and strategies that we used in the past—the things that worked—are no longer effective.

The focus is still on increasing and maintaining high occupancy. But we need to change the status quo and find new ways to get results. 


Faced with this challenge, we have two options: remain in the status quo and wait for things to return to normal, or look to the new landscape and invest in change. We’re talking about a change in the way we sell senior living

At Sherpa we have always believed that a Prospect-Centered Selling® (PCS) approach identifies the best strategies to generate more conversions without constantly increasing our lead base. We have the data to prove it.

The best way to adopt and maintain a PCS strategy is through Sherpa Training. Our customers have found that, whether learning PCS fundamentals for the first time, as a refresher or aligning goals through leadership training, they can accelerate their sales performance and build on a sales culture that gets results. 

I’m grateful to work for a company that believes in training and empowering their team. Sherpa is by far the best relationship sales training I have ever used in working with seniors.

– Kim Grier, Lead Leasing Advisor, Avidor

We want to help our customers be more successful every step of the way, whether they’re new to Sherpa or been with us for years. That’s why we’ve put together a combination of E-learning, Virtual Classrooms and our versatile CRM to facilitate and sustain a much-needed shift in the way we sell. 

With new learning comes “unlearning”. In order to shift and change, teams need sustained access to training and coaching. It doesn’t usually happen overnight. Progress needs to be measured, inspected and encouraged by sales leaders in the long term.

Great sales teams have a lot in common with winning sports teams. They both use science and strategy to define, strengthen and coach talented individuals to meet the full potential of the team. When your team has the right talent, and your leaders know how to nurture and grow that talent, everything else falls into place.

At Sherpa we focus on broad, sustained sales success across your organization. It’s not a sprint. It’s a cultural shift. It’s time to take the first step.

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