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sherpa | Sales Base Camp

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Sherpa Sales Base Camp

Calling all sales heroes

Explore Prospect-Centered Selling® with Sherpa founders David Smith and Alex Fisher.

At Sherpa we’ve heard amazing stories and seen how our customers are meeting the challenges brought on by Covid-19. That’s why we’re opening our doors – virtually that is – with our first ever Sales Base Camp.

This 2-day training event features the latest data insights and strategies to help you navigate these difficult times while generating meaningful results for your team and future residents. It’s time to gear up for the climb in 2021!

Hear from these amazing sales leaders.

Why join?

The Sales Base Camp is Sherpa’s thank you to the industry, especially to all of the sales heroes out there. We want to help increase your move-ins and make better connections with your prospects.

This free event has a little something for everyone who is looking to increase results and improve the way they sell.

Who will be there?

Sales Base Camp features informative sessions and live Q&A with Sherpa team members, including co-founders Alex Fisher and David Smith. as well as special guests in senior living sales.





  • Back to basics with Prospect-Centered Selling featuring David Smith and Alex Fisher
  • Making connections and helping your prospects “get ready”


  • How Leisure Care is inspiring sales efforts at every level of the organization – feat. Brian Prouty, Senior Director of Sales
  • How Heritage is empowering executive directors to be sales leaders – feat. Lacy Jungman, VP Sales & Marketing
  • How Parc Communities adapted to change and focused on the right behaviors that drive move-ins – feat. Woody DeWeese, VP Operations, and Andy Slavin, EVP


  • Getting your “sales mojo” back – Alex Fisher and the Sherpa Team are joined by our featured panelists.



  • Data, results and Top Performers during Covid-19 featuring David Smith and Alex Fisher
  • Advances: redefining closing and advancing readiness
  • Optimizing sales management through planning


  • How Meridian executives work with sales teams to re-engage their existing lead base – feat. Kevin Carlin, Principal, and Debra Keesee, Director of Sales & Coaching
  • How Traditions orchestrates their company-wide strategy to promote best practices and make sales fun again – Kristin Cherry, VP Sales & Marketing and Kate Ford, Sales Specialist
  • How PARC Retirement Living has developed a collaborative sales force that focuses on behaviors that drive move-ins – feat. Jacqueline Omstead, Director Sales & Operations


  • Answering questions asked in advance – Alex Fisher and the Sherpa Team are joined by our featured panelists.

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How do I watch?

Email us at info@sherpacrm.com watch recordings of Sherpa Sales Base Camp.

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