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Are You Selling What the Senior Living Market REALLY Wants?

May 22, 2022 by Sherpa

Senior living sales has traditionally served to manage leads, give tours and present information or products in the best possible light. There are quotas to be met. But do these intentions best meet the needs of the market?

In this webinar presented at the Senior Housing News Sales Summit earlier this year, Sherpa co-founder Alex Fisher and Casey Jackson, Executive Director of the Institute for Individual and Organizational Change, cover five ways sales teams can make a fundamental shift in their intention. They explore why the majority of prospective residents are not ready to move in, even though they would benefit enormously from the benefits of senior living. 

Alex and Casey cover: 

  • How sales teams can support vibrant, 100% occupied communities that nurture a sense of belonging
  • Why sales should be an extension of your community’s culture and a support system for seniors/families making the difficult decision to move
  • 5 core intentions to take away and help improve conversion rates while addressing prospect ambivalence and resistance to change 

Want to hear more from Alex and Casey?

Listen to the Ask Alex podcast episode featuring Casey Jackson here.

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