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5 Ways CRM Integrations Benefit Senior Living Sales

January 05, 2023 by Lisa Guidi

Software integrations connect your platforms across CRM, marketing automation, lead generation, call center/chat…the list goes on. Sherpa Product Manager Lisa Guidi explains why integrations matter and how you can get started.  

1) Integrations save you valuable selling time.

Integrations are very time effective because once the integration is set up and running, all data communication occurs automatically between both systems (in my case, Sherpa CRM and one of our many integration partners). You don’t need to worry about maintenance, unless you want to change anything about the data that is being communicated between these systems. When you do want to make a change, we help you make the updates supported by our API.

Sherpa Integrations

Sherpa’s Integration Partners

2) You don’t need to know what an API is to use one.

It stands for Application Programming Interface, and you can read about it here. But getting an integration set up such as the Sherpa API is a very straightforward process. If you want to push new lead data to the CRM, we work with your marketing or IT agency to get that set up. It usually takes only a day or two.

We have hundreds of agencies using our API today. The Sherpa integration team is highly experienced with assisting our customers in connecting and then testing new integrations. There is a bit more complexity involved with retrieving data or updates that may need additional developer resources, but we have all the necessary documentation and guidance to help you make confident next steps.

3) They help move the dial with marketing automation.

When you integrate your marketing platform with your CRM’s API, data syncs seamlessly between systems without manual processing. With the Sherpa API, for example, new leads are sent from the marketing platform to the CRM and automatically located within Sherpa’s dashboards. Additionally, prospect data can be pulled into your marketing platform for reporting or running specific campaigns via Sherpa CRM. 

4) APIs are free.

Leveraging Sherpa’s API or connecting to an existing integration is included with all CRM subscriptions. Some of our integration partners, however, require an additional fee to utilize their software. We recommend you reach out to the vendor first to ask about potential costs. It all depends on the complexity of the automation. We offer to meet with our customers and walk through the steps in a fact-finding/planning call to see if and how we can help.

5) You can set up an integration with your own organization’s website.

Company website integrations are by far the most common at Sherpa. This is an easy and efficient way to ensure that enquiries from your website(s) are being captured and pushed to the CRM. All the vital lead data entered in your website’s contact us form will be available in your sales notes – no manual entry needed!

Billing and medical management are also popular integrations at Sherpa. Since many of our customers use external platforms to manage these needs, it’s a great way to ensure demographic resident data is sent automatically and isn’t a drain on your busy staff.

Get started today. 

We have a highly skilled integrations team at Sherpa that is ready to answer any questions you may have about how our integrations work, or what it takes to get them set up. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time at integrations@sherpacrm.com so we can discuss your specific business needs. 

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