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David is a student – of work, of people and of life. In perpetual motion, he has re-invented himself several times in his life. After graduating from prestigious Washington University School of Law, he practiced for ten years before moving into the senior housing industry where he acted as co-owner, developer and manager of The Gatesworth at One McKnight Place and Parc Provence Memory Care. Both communities have been nationally recognized for innovation and quality services.

Following a successful fill-up at those properties, David founded a consulting business called One On One with partner Alex Fisher to provide marketing and sales assessments, training and coaching to the senior housing industry. Along the way, he was recognized as the Lead Instructor at the Erickson School for Aging Sales & Marketing Programs and built an outstanding reputation as an industry thought leader.

In 2014, David pivoted again, joining Alex to bring the theory and science of Prospect-Centered Sales® to life in Sherpa. His life’s work is to help older adults navigate the emotional obstacles associated with making a move in a respectful, compassionate way. He loves spending time in the sales office and ensures Sherpa stays fresh, current and focused on meeting the needs of our prospects first.

David was the Lead Instructor for the Sales and Marketing Curriculum at Erickson School Executive MBA Program at the University of Maryland and is a regular featured speaker at national senior housing industry conference presentations, including NIC, Argentum (ALFA) and the annual Senior House Sales and Marketing Summit. He also serves on the Executive Board for ASHA.

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