We built Sherpa three years ago with a mission to put technology at the service of helping seniors as they transition into senior housing. Now we’re spreading that person-centered approach to the acute and post-acute care continuum. Introducing the newest member of the Sherpa family, Clinical Companion.

Clinical Companion is a streamlined CRM designed specifically for use in acute and post-acute environments. With a quick entry option, internal admissions teams can coordinate seamlessly with external outreach professionals to increase the quantity and quality of referrals. Clinical Companion also provides managers with full transparency in coaching their teams towards greater results. From analyzing referral trends and case mix to formally tracking patients who are accepted, denied or who chose another provider, operators have an opportunity to pivot in real-time to outpace their competition.

Built by request

Clinical Companion was developed at the request of our existing clients, and we’re proud to offer it as a solution to continuing the prospect-centered journey through all levels of care. Want to learn more about Clinical Companion and how it could benefit your organization? Contact Patrick Leonard, our Director of Sales, at Patrick@sherpacrm.com.

Find more about Clinical Companion below:

Sherpa Clinical Companion Brochure