“Where do you live now?” 

This is a vital question to ask prospective senior living residents, and yet it’s sometimes forgotten during the push for the sale. In his latest column on Senior Housing Forum, Sherpa CEO David Smith shares why he supports Where You Live Matters, a new tool from the American Senior Housing Association (ASHA) that educates older adults on their living options as they age.  

“Where seniors live now reflects their personality, distinctiveness and individuality—the very things they would need to give up or change if they decide to move,” Smith says. “Until they are ‘ready’ to consider change, they are ‘closed’ to being sold.” 

Where You Live Matters gives seniors and their families access to videosarticles and downloadable resources with information about the connection between where they live and how well they live as they age. Smith says he believes it’s a tool that will help senior living sales teams adapt their messaging and increase conversion ratios.  

“In order to confront emotionally-based resistance, we need strategies to ‘open’ higher functioning prospects up and facilitate buying before we attempt to offer product-centered solutions. Before we help them find a new home, we must understand where they live now,” Smith says. 

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