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Rolling With the Punches: Objections as Opportunities

March 17, 2014 by Sherpa

If a prospect says “no,” is it time to pack up and go home? Probably not. With the proper amount of planning and a little creativity, you can use a rejection to your advantage.

In an article by Thinketh & Company, a management and consulting firm, author Andrea Frino explains that problems aren’t the end of the line, but instead a fork in the road.

“It is uncommon to use the words problems, challenges or issues interchangeably; however, we rarely use the word choice. This word encourages us to engage our inner resources and to view a problem as a series of possibilities that will lead to a new opportunity,” Frino writes.

The article goes on to make three main points about how to approach a supposed brick wall. First, to “frame the problem as a choice,” one with a successful “what if?” scenario. What has to happen before we get to this positive outcome?

Next, we can “create a sense of urgency around a single big opportunity.” This is why we recommend focusing on only a few prospects in order to focus daily sales meetings on how to best reach them. We see what the stated objections are, work with our case studies and formulate a plan for delivering Creative Follow-Up that same day. The sooner you act, the better the chances are the prospect will become more ready to move sooner.

Finally, the article says to “implement your strategy as a portfolio of opportunities.” We make prospect case studies in order to better know and predict what motivates those we are helping to make a change. If a prospect doesn’t want to move to senior living because of the food, for example, this is your opportunity to show them how good the food at your community can be with an eye-opening Follow-Up. You invite them to a chef demonstration, or you can bring a meal to their house from your community’s kitchen. But you can be more creative than that.

If we see barriers or objections as opportunities instead, we will have far more chances to inspire our prospects and surprise them with thoughtful and meaningful Follow-Up. This might take a lot of time planning, but this time in the “Selling Zone” is well spent if the right questions and next steps are a result.

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