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What does Sherpa do?

Sherpa is a sales enablement platform that gives your organization the technology, tools and training to sustain a successful sales culture.


Prospect-Centered Selling® is a revolutionary way to guide people through the sales process and ultimately improve conversions for the long term.


Sherpa CRM brings your sales efforts together. It helps track progress, plan next steps and is built to work with your existing systems so you can focus on building real connections with prospects.

Sales Training

Sherpa University gives you the knowledge and tools to make Prospect-Centered Selling®  a successful part of your organization. Our online and in-person courses help you build and sustain a better sales culture.

Data Insights

Bring new levels of business intelligence to your organization with tools that make your data accessible, meaningful and actionable so you can plot a course for improvement.

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Increase conversions through empathy and connection.

Using a Prospect-Centered Selling® (PCS) methodology, we promote, track and measure behaviors proven to increase effectiveness. Sherpa helps sales teams build meaningful, trusting connections with prospects that in turn generate more conversions with fewer leads.

Make your time count towards a meaningful result.

Finally, you can slow down and focus on what matters. Because that’s the best way to improve sales.

We’ll show you how.

Motivate sales teams

Bring new levels of energy and excitement to your sales teams as you build authentic connections and meaningful outcomes with prospects.

Improve lives

Focusing on what matters inspires real change. We are committed to improving lives by making real connections with our prospects.

Increase conversions

Prospect-Centered Selling®  helps you get more conversions with fewer leads. It’s all about how you spend your time.

Measure what matters

At Sherpa we identify, track and measure the sales behaviors that lead to meaningful results for you and your prospects.