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Our Mission

Sherpa’s founders Alex Fisher and David Smith spent years working and selling in senior living communities. Along the way, they saw an industry lost in inefficient and impersonal sales funnels.

That’s why they built Sherpa. Our goal is to lead the industry forward, toward a sales process that aligns strategic, operational and human objectives while improving sales performance.

How do we do it? By building a total Sales Enablement Platform around the simple idea that senior living should not be sold like any other product. It should be sold in a way that recognizes and honors the life-changing decisions prospects and their families are facing and guides them through a logical decision.

This idea is at the foundation of Sherpa’s Prospect-Centered Selling® methodology. It informs everything we do, from our next-generation CRM technology, to our advanced reporting and analytics, to comprehensive sales training and e-learning.

We invite you to join us as we elevate the industry. We’ll show you how.

Our Core Values

Our guiding principles are how we behave as we execute our mission.

We are brave and challenge the established order. We are confident that we will succeed.

We appreciate the perspective of others. It’s at the core of everything we do.

We ask why. We challenge assumptions and endeavor to become smarter, better problem solvers.

We inspire and motivate each other. We work together to get things done.

We are reliable, truthful and transparent. We strive to fulfill our commitments to each other, our clients and our industry.

We drive for, respect and expect results.


Sharing what we know with the world.

Ours is an industry ready for a transformation – and we’re proud to be leading the way. Meet us and learn what a difference the personal approach can make.

Take your career to new heights.

We’re always looking for innovators who are ready to lead an industry in a new direction. Motivators, coders, sales professionals – this is the place for you.

Take the first step toward better sales.

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