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Parc strengthens its sales culture

Parc Communities saw a 350% increase in move-ins following Sherpa Leadership Training.

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Put Sherpa’s experience to work.

Download our white paper Sales Enablement in Senior Living to learn the key strategies for sales success – and the metrics you can use to measure your progress.

Avamere invests in sales success

After onboarding Sherpa CRM and training its teams, Avamere’s sales were at 140%.

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Adlington Retirement Living engages with purpose

“It’s very much about creating communities.”

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Virtual classroom testimonials

Here’s What People Are Saying About Virtual Classroom Training

It’s been a week since we wrapped up our first ever Sales Base Camp event, and we’re looking at the road ahead. There were so many valuable tips and strategies for increasing sales effectiveness for 2021, but one area that stood out to us was the importance of training. The impact that training can have…
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