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4 Steps to Bring the Prospect Profile to Life

February 09, 2023 by Sherpa

The Prospect Profile in Sherpa CRM is a powerful tool for managing lead information including the unique details about an individual that help advance a sale.

A CRM can – and should – be more than just a system of record. It can help you see your prospective buyer as they want to be seen. It gives you the tools to build trust, strengthen connections and generate sales advances. The Prospect Profile in Sherpa CRM begins with standard information about your prospect, but it grows into something much more meaningful.

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Keep tabs on valuable sales metrics

One of the key features of the Prospect Profile is a scorecard that provides a summary of all activities related to the prospect, including visits, tours, and home visits. The scorecard also shows the current status and stage of readiness to buy, making it easy to track the progress of a potential customer. Understanding the stage of readiness helps you tailor your sales activities to be more effective and relevant to the individual.

Dive deeper with the Sales Journal

Within the Prospect Profile, you can filter and view all of your sales activities for a given prospect and track your selling time. This is also the section of the profile that shows motivators, objections and life story information that helps you truly understand your prospect and better plan each engagement.

Manage contact preferences

Sherpa CRM makes it easy to update contact preferences within the profile. Toggle a switch within the Prospect Profile, and your prospect’s preferred communication method will be updated throughout the CRM. This function extends to any influencers associated with the prospect.

Plan to advance

If you haven’t used the Sir Ed Planning Guide yet, it’s worth a closer look. This tool is built in to the Prospect Profile and allows you to assess your current status, or Stage of Readiness, within the sale before helping you decide on the ideal engagement to promote a sales advance.

Senior living sales is not a one-size-fits-all activity. That’s why the Prospect Profile in Sherpa CRM is incredibly robust while also being easy to use.

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