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AgeWell Solvere Living formed in 2023 when AgeWell Living and Solvere Living joined forces, bringing together a combined 19 communities with around 2,400 units. The new company has five additional projects under construction scheduled to open by summer 2023.


The marketing team at AgeWell Solvere Senior Living needed a way to align marketing automation with sales processes across their organization. Increasing engagement and conversion rates for prospective buyers were important KPIs.

Email, social and other online campaigns were all due for an overhaul, so the team sought a centralized platform that would help scale marketing efforts while enhancing the personalization that drives better results.


With Sherpa CRM at the center of their sales operations, AgeWell Solvere identified ActiveDEMAND as the ideal marketing automation integration. The solution had immediate benefits:

  • Automated, bi-directional data feeds between Sherpa CRM and ActiveDEMAND give sales professionals more time to sell
  • Increased engagement via the website, socials and email
  • Centralizing marketing efforts for better alignment and efficiency

Standing out in a crowded market

Today’s prospective senior living resident is looking for more than a place to live. They’re looking for a place to belong, and that sense of belonging can begin forming with the earliest communications. AgeWell Solvere knew any marketing and sales tools needed to support that communication throughout the customer journey while also generating results at scale.

Justina Fees, Director of Digital Marketing for AgeWell Solvere Living, wanted a solution that would align outreach campaigns across the company’s portfolio.

“Having that ability to create responsive email templates, clone emails across multiple companies, and establish a progressive workflow makes the entire process easier and faster,” she says. “It allows us to actually optimize these campaigns instead of just trying to send things out sporadically – it makes it easy to productively manage multiple communities.”

Centralized Marketing Made Simple

“We wanted to bridge the gap between the marketing team and the sales team, to create a sense of transparency. Utilizing the ActiveDEMAND integration with Sherpa made that possible.”

Justina Fees
Director of Digital Marketing,
AgeWell Solvere Living

Centralizing a strategy

Before using ActiveDEMAND, the team at AgeWell Solvere Living used multiple marketing platforms and strategies. They sought higher open rates and conversions, but generic, industry-standard marketing emails weren’t getting the desired results. Aligning a company-wide marketing strategy would need a scalable solution, one that gave each team the tools and processes to better nurture their leads.

Using ActiveDEMAND with Sherpa CRM

“Being able to streamline processes, have templates made out, and have everything ready to go makes our life easier. Then we can view conversions and optimize from there,” Justina says.

Adopting a new platform for more than a dozen communities seemed a daunting task, but AgeWell Solvere had the extra attention and guidance of Sherpa’s Customer Success team for support in launching ActiveDEMAND for 16 communities.

“At first I was a little nervous, but luckily the contact I was working with was super helpful, and there were very few growing pains,” she says. “Once I set up one community, I was able to keep setting them up, and it was easier every single time.”

The impact of marketing automation

“One of the best, immediate responses we had was the bi-directional integration into Sherpa,” Justina says. “It was a painless process of getting all these contacts into Sherpa, but then also being able to re-target them in ActiveDEMAND across multiple sources/mediums, so we didn’t have to export a list anymore.”

Increased visibility was another big plus. For example, the team could monitor individual or overall web engagement with high-intent content like floorplans. They could see which emails generated the most opens or clicks, and optimize using that data. But ActiveDEMAND also helped with marketing best practices like making content more personalized, adding animations or new strategies altogether.

“The reminder email is something we started setting up,” Justina says, “We actually get more RSVPs from the reminder than the initial invite.”

Justina and her team at AgeWell Solvere living no longer need to import lists from website or social media form fills. For a team that covers more than a dozen communities, the saved time adds up. 

“I know for sure it has helped the sales team, because they’re spending less time actually in putting information into Sherpa, and more time in the Selling Zone,” she says. “Because it’s all automated now.” 

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