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What is Prospect-Centered Selling?

Our methodology is called Prospect-Centered Selling® and it’s at the core of everything we do at Sherpa. We’ve proven that there’s a better way to sell, a strategy that focuses on facilitating readiness for change rather than counting call-outs and tours. Instead, we cultivate relationships with our prospective residents and inspire change through small yet highly impactful advances.

After years of leading sales teams, co-founders Alex Fisher and David Smith discovered first-hand how this new approach to senior living sales increases conversions and occupancies in communities, no matter their size, care type or location. And the research shows that Prospect-Centered Selling is a better, more effective way to sell.

Give yourself the time and motivation to understand what your prospects are going through in this difficult decision. When you become their guide–rather than a salesperson–you can make a difference in their lives and help your community grow.

Key steps for Prospect-Centered Selling

  • Connect
    Clearly state your intention to help be a guide in the decision-making process. Build trust and show that you hear and understand what your prospect is going through.

  • Untangle
    Listen empathetically to your prospect’s concerns as well as their legacy and aspirations to understand where they are emotionally in the buying process.

  • Advance
    Use conversations and creative follow-up to make small steps that inspire your prospect to make a big life change.

  • Close
    When your prospect is ready to move, the relationship you’ve built will help you stand out. Prospect-Centered Selling is proven to increase conversions and encourage happier, healthier residents at your community.

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