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Uncover the data that drives real success.

As part of the sales enablement platform, Sherpa’s powerful analytics platform frees you to focus on those KPIs that have a direct, quantifiable effect on your team’s ability to convert. Now, rather than simply looking at tours completed, you can understand how much planning – and what kind of planning – went in to each tour. You can look beyond the number of calls your team is making, and focus on how much time you’re spending and what you’re learning about prospects on those calls.

It’s a concept we at Sherpa call micrometrics. Micrometrics deliver new business intelligence into every aspect of your sales process, delivering not more data, but better data – data that leads you and your team toward more sales.

See our monthly data reports.

1 hour
or less spent with prospect
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tour-to-move-in conversion
2 hours
or more spent with prospect
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tour-to-move-in conversion

Put your data to work for you.

See what happens when you focus on the most meaningful data.

  • Tap intelligence
    Sherpa Insight dashboards put a wealth of information at your fingertips, bringing the KPIs that matter most to you front and center, in real time.

  • Gain clarity
    When you focus on the data that matters, you’ll gain new insights into what’s working for your sales team.

  • Benchmark performance
    Compare your performance to similar communities across the country.

  • Plan improvement
    Armed with the right knowledge, you’ll have a clear path to connecting with prospects and delivering real sales results.

Sherpa CRM now allows us to examine and measure the key behaviors of our team members that we know produce better move-in results.

Sandy Christensen
Balfour Senior Living

Here’s how to get results with Sherpa.

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