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When you move from a transactional selling process to real empathy for your prospects, you can make a difference in their lives. It’s called Prospect-Centered Selling®, and it’s at the heart of Sherpa.

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Sherpa’s CRM lets you step away from the transactional sales funnel and build real, emotional connections. You might even say we put the “relationship” in “Customer Relationship Management.”

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Data Insights

Do you know what’s working–and what isn’t? We’ll put you on a path toward continuous improvement by measuring what matters, giving you and your team constant feedback on things like conversion rates and everything else that makes a difference.

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Sales Training

Change is a journey not only for your prospects but your sales team as well. That’s why we offer hands-on, personalized training that guides everyone in your organization to make the most of Prospect-Centered Selling® through a powerful combination of seminars, webinars and e-learning.

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