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3 Steps to Sales Advances with the Sir Ed Planning Guide

March 30, 2023 by Sherpa

Sherpa CRM’s in-app prospect planning guide, Sir Ed, helps you get unstuck in a sale. Maybe you feel like you’ve lost momentum or aren’t sure where to go next. Planning meaningful interactions, connecting with your prospect, and using your selling time to the fullest is where Sir Ed can be a huge help.

If you’ve used Sir Ed before, you’ll have gone through five steps to generate an advance with your prospect or member of the buying circle. We’ve taken that down to three, to make your planning more efficient.

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Connect by being curious

You’ll find the Sir Ed planning guide within your prospect’s profile in Sherpa CRM. The first of the three steps to a sales advance is “Connect” which focuses on what you know – and what you’ve yet to learn – about your prospect.

In this step you’ll find both “Essential” and “Deep Dive” questions that help you really get to know your prospect in order to find the best path forward in your next conversation.

Help untangle their unique situation

No two sales are alike, but you can get an idea of where your prospect is in their buying journey based on their Stage of Readiness. In the “Untangle” step of Sir Ed planning, you’ll be able to assign a stage to your prospect and find resources to help you ask the right questions and address common roadblocks to a sales advance.

Plan your advance

The “Advance” step in Sir Ed is where you can review the sales activities you’ve done already and schedule activities to move your sale forward. When’s the last time you sent a creative follow-up? Went on a home visit? Whether these or another form of meaningful engagement, you can easily formulate next steps and put a plan into action.

Using the Sir Ed planning guide for planning sessions is a great way to align your team and uncover missing opportunities for otherwise qualified prospects who say, “I’m not ready to move.”

Want to dive even deeper? Visit the Support Portal in Sherpa CRM or email us at info@sherpacrm.com to schedule a demo of our sales solutions.

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