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Click-to-Call Gives You More Time to Sell

February 15, 2023 by Sherpa

Use Sherpa CRM’s Click-to-Call feature to connect with your prospects, influencers and other contacts. Getting set up is easy. Once activated, this feature automatically logs Sales Journal entries and Time in the Selling Zone™.

See a short demo with Sherpa Senior Director of Product Matt Prentis.

Say goodbye to manual call logging

Click-to-Call saves valuable time that sales counselors would otherwise spend on logging calls or updating their Time in the Selling Zone. You can use any phone that has been connected to Sherpa CRM to place the call. Once the call is finished, Sherpa CRM automatically creates a sales journal entry including details like date, time and length of the call. You can then add your notes to the journal entry once the call is finished. Having an integrated phone system makes it easier to track your sales activity and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Look who’s calling now

When you make a call using Sherpa CRM, the number that your prospect sees on their phone will be your community phone number. This ensures that your prospects will not only recognize the number, but they will feel comfortable answering the call. It also means that if they want to call you back, they can use the number that’s already on file for your community and will be able to reach the sales office if the original caller isn’t available.

Activate Click-to-Call today

Did we mention that this feature is FREE to use with Sherpa CRM? Getting set up is fast, easy, and helps increase efficiency for sales counselors. When you use Click-to-Call’s automation features long term, those saved minutes add up!

Want to dive even deeper? Email us at info@sherpacrm.com to schedule your demo of Sherpa CRM.

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