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Ask Alex UK Home Visits

Ask Alex UK: The Power of Home Visits

Sales plays a vital role in generating move-ins and increasing occupancy for care homes and retirement villages. In this Ask Alex webinar featuring Honor Barratt, Managing Director for Birchgrove, we’re taking a deep dive into the behaviours and activities of Best Performers – sales teams that generate more sales than average – with a focus on home visits.

A home visit is when a salesperson meets with a prospective resident, either where they live or at a neutral location outside of the property they’re trying to sell. It’s also one of the leading drivers that Best Performers use to inspire change and help prospects make a decision to move.

Using sales data and testimonials, this session will show how home visits play a key role in effective selling for our industry. More home visits means greater conversions, an increased number of move-ins, and higher occupancies. Join the discussion and see what happens when you meet your customers where they are to build better, more meaningful sales relationship.

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