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Onboarding To Sherpa: Tips For a Smooth Transition

June 19, 2017 by Sherpa

Change is hard. That’s true for older adults moving into senior housing, and it’s also true for the senior living professionals transitioning to Sherpa. That’s why we’ve invested in a sophisticated onboarding process that prepares both senior living sales teams and grooms the data they rely on for a complete and seamless transition.

Here at Sherpa, we like to compare our onboarding approach to moving into a new house. Instead of moving all by yourself, we’ll bring a team of experts to sort, pack and transport everything for you. Even though it can still be a little uncomfortable the first time you’re in the kitchen and realize you don’t remember where the spoons are, we stay with you through all those touchpoints so you can feel confident using Sherpa on day one.

Here are tips from our pros on navigating a smooth transition:

You’re already ready.

New clients often ask, What do I need to do to get ready to onboard? “The answer is, you’re already ready,” says Matt Leonard, Sherpa’s unflappable Director of Onboarding. “No matter where you’re starting, we’ll get you to the finish line.”

Through years of experience with onboarding senior living communities, our data migration specialists craft a data discovery process that inherently ensures that all relevant information is transferred, stored and displayed in Sherpa accurately. Along the way, we give clients a clear list of goals and deadlines so they stay in-the-know throughout the process.

“We’ve worked with all sorts of communities: big and small, independent and assisted, non-profit and for-profit,” Leonard says. “We’ve seen it all. There’s no problem that doesn’t have a solution.”

Track the milestones.

Sherpa’s onboarding process follows a multi-step timeline with milestones dedicated to data discovery and user training. It all starts with a kickoff meeting, our onboarding team’s first chance to get to know new clients, answer questions and prepare for the transition.

Then comes the data discovery, which includes analysis and mapping. We carefully comb through each new community’s lead list and configure it into a more navigable database. We don’t just mine your data, we read it, we learn from it, and we help you make the smartest decisions possible for your team and the prospects they serve.

During the home stretch, it’s not unusual to find Scott and Alex, two of our specialists, reading life stories of prospects or following up with sales teams after the fact to find out what happened with a scheduled tour. We try to never miss the fact that when we “Go Dark” in your old system and “Go Live” in Sherpa, we have just transferred thousands of stories and interactions which are critically important to our users and the prospects they serve. Following every onboarding, we update our scoreboard to see how many lives we’ve impacted. It’s not about data, it’s about people.

If you have more questions about onboarding, Sherpa or senior living sales, contact us via email at info@sherpacrm.com.


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