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Advanced Searches on Sherpa Just Got Easier

July 12, 2017 by Sherpa

It’s no easy task to record, sort and input important data about prospects, influencers and referral sources into a CRM. Once that data is entered, you deserve to have it at your fingertips, filtered according to the exact specifications you need for that day. That’s why we released an updated Advanced Search feature this month designed to give Sherpa users more options and control over their search results.

It’s your data, and we want to help you make the most of it.

While Basic Search lets users find single keywords in Profiles, Sales Notes and Case Studies, Advanced Search is a dynamic interface where you can customize search queries with multiple metrics. For example, instead of just searching for prospects with the last name Jones, Advanced Search lets you search for prospects with the last name of Jones who recently took a tour, are in the “Planning” stage of change and currently live at home. Make your search as simple or layered as you like!

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Here are six reasons why we’re excited about Sherpa’s new-and-improved Advanced Search:

  1. Quote marks. Now you can use quotation marks (” “) to search multi-word phrases. For example, let’s say you forget a prospect’s name but remember she was a third grade teacher with a poodle. Just type “third grade teacher” in quotes into Sherpa’s Advanced Search, and all Prospect/Influencer Profiles, Case Studies and Sales Notes with that exact phrase will appear. You can refine the search query even farther by including another word with the quoted phrase, ex. “third grade teacher” poodle.
  2. Party people. You can now filter results for event attendance. Select “Event” in the Sales Activity box for a list of prospects or outreach professionals who’ve previously attended an event. You can even search by a specific event in the dropdown menu that appears.
  3. Outreach search. Search professional referral contacts as well as prospects. Click “Outreach” or “Prospects” at the top of the Advanced Search window to toggle between the two sets. You can also export Outreach and Prospect search results for bulk mailings and other marketing tasks.
  4. Searchable Next Steps. Search Active Next Steps to see which prospects and outreach professionals have a Call-out, Home Visit, Creative Follow Up or other sales activity scheduled. You can also select “Event Attendance” in the Active Next Steps box to filter by prospects who are attending an upcoming event.
  5. Better exporting. When you export a list from Advanced Search, Sherpa will now include Last Contact Date in that report.
  6. Trial Stays. Now you can filter results for prospects who’ve had a trial stay. Just select the option “Trial Stay” in the Milestones box.

Have questions about using Advanced Search? Contact our customer experience team at support@sherpacrm.com.

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