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Top 10 Reasons Why Senior Living Companies Switch to Sherpa CRM

October 24, 2017 by Sherpa

We ask our new users why they decided to make the switch from another CRM to Sherpa. Here are the Top 10 reasons they made the change.

By Team Sherpa

We’ve been in the senior living industry long enough to remember when there were only a handful of CRM software options for companies to choose from. Today, there are dozens of choices, each with its own look and feel. So as we onboard new clients into the Sherpa system, we’re always sure to ask… 

Why us? What made you choose Sherpa? 

Here are ten of the answers we hear most often: 

1) A smooth data transition 

New clients often ask, What do I need to do to get my data ready to make the switch? The answer is, you’re already ready. Our data migration specialists have created a data discovery process that inherently ensures that all relevant information is transferred, stored and displayed in Sherpa accurately. We carefully comb through each new community’s lead list and configure it into a more navigable database. We don’t just mine your data, we read it, we learn from it, and we help you make the smartest decisions possible for your team and the prospects they serve. 

Along the way, we give clients a clear list of goals and deadlines so they stay in-the-know throughout the process. No matter where you’re starting, we’ll get you to the finish line.  On average, clients find they need to dedicate fewer than four hours of their time planning data migration and transfer. 

For more, read on the blog: Onboarding To Sherpa: Tips For a Smooth Transition 

2) Modern, engaging interfaces 

A CRM shouldn’t feel like an Excel spreadsheet—just a table of empty data fields waiting to be filled. Sherpa’s user-friendly CRM gets sales teams excited about logging interactions with prospects, influencers and referral sources.

3) Personal profiles for prospects 

Prospect profiles are the core of the Sherpa system. Each prospect has a profile where sales counselors can post photos, journal sales activities, view their stage of change or status, and record questions for future interactions.  The more you know, the more you connect, the more you sell.

4) A more advanced search 

It’s no easy task to record, sort and input important data into a CRM. You deserve to have every bit of that data at your fingertips, filtered according to your needs. That’s why we released an updated Advanced Search feature designed to give Sherpa users more options and control over their search results. 

With Advanced Search, you can customize search queries with multiple metrics. For example, instead of just searching for prospects with the last name Jones, search for prospects with the last name of Jones who recently took a tour, are in the “Planning” stage of change and currently live at home. Make your search as simple or layered as you like. 

For more, read our blog post: Advanced Searches on Sherpa Just Got Easier 

5) Real-time prompts for sales success

Wish your system could tell you where you stand now and what to do next? Sherpa can! Start the day on Base Camp, where you can see your team’s progress, goals, scheduled events and tasks at a glance. The occupancy board displays move-ins and move-outs displayed visually by floor and unit. In the Selling Zone dashboard, see how sales teams are spending time with prospects and easily identify new opportunities for follow up and outreach.  

6) Sophisticated data  

Sherpa users benefit from the most sophisticated sales metrics available to the senior housing industry today.

Whether navigating Sherpa’s two new proprietary dashboards:  Know Thy Leads and Team Productivity, or evaluating per-prospect interactions in the various reporting modules throughout the system, users mine data for improved sales coaching.

For more, check out the MicroMetrics page of the Sherpa website 

7) Accessibility on the go

Have access to an internet browser? Then you’re ready to go. Sherpa is compatible with all devices and has no specific system or configuration requirements. Clients receive unlimited log-ins so that every member of the sales, marketing and operations teams who needs access can have it. No more shared passwords or security workarounds. Log in at the office, at home or on the road.  

8) Guidance from the experts 

Sherpa co-founders David Smith and Alex Fisher have decades of experience as hands-on senior housing sales professionals, owner-operators and consultants, and they designed Sherpa to be the tool they wish they’d had. Our CRM is steeped in their field-tested sales process and patent-pending Sherpa workflows on the psychology of change. Feeling stuck? The coaching center has answers to FAQs as well as sample discovery questions and Creative Follow-Up ideas.  

For more about David and Alex, read on the blog: Why You Should Choose a CRM Built by Sales Experts 

9) Help from Team Sherpa 

Technology is only as good as the people behind it. We’ve assembled the best team in the businesses to make sure every new Sherpa client feels confident and empowered on Launch Day and every day after. While the Onboarding team preps the data, our Customer Experience team teaches communities to use the CRM via webinar or on-site training. By the time you’re ready to “Go Live,” you’ll know how the CRM works and where to turn with questions or technical issues.  

Sherpa’s Customer Support staff fully understand the tool and can help you make the most out of it. Feel free to ask them questions about the philosophy behind Sherpa or about their personal experience using it as you’re getting to know the system. 

Get to know the team behind Sherpa

10) Transparent pricing

If we’ve heard one horror story about contracts with software vendors, we’ve heard them all.  At Sherpa, we keep things simple for us and for our clients.  Sherpa is the only CRM in the industry offering transparent pricing and easy-out contracts that ensure we are just as motivated to continue improving our platform as you are to improve your sales results.

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