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Experience the Power of Creative Follow-Up

October 15, 2019 by Sherpa

Creative Follow-Up is one of the most impactful sales initiatives you can undertake with your sales team and is a proven key leading indicator of success in senior living sales

Senior living sales managers adopting Prospect-Centered Selling® have a lot to untangle with their team in terms of how to deeply connect with prospects and build trust. It can be hard to truly drive home the value and impact an individualized, effective CFU can have on potential residents. 

So how do you get your team to adopt and truly understand the value of Creative Follow-Up as an essential part of the Prospect-Centered Sales® process?

Creative Follow-Up is about the experience: evoking an emotional connection, and a feeling of being truly seen and heard. There is no better way to truly understand the impact and power of an effective, personalized Creative Follow-Up than to experience it for yourself.

In a recent on-site Prospect-Centered Sales® Training with Sherpa the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Heritage Communities, Lacy Jungman, did Creative Follow-Ups with her team as a way of driving home the value of personalized CFU’s.

Sherpa’s National Training Director, Margot Cooke, was so inspired by this idea that she took a video.

Just look at the emotional response from the team! ❤️

Experience the power of Creative Follow-Up with your team!

Share Creative Follow-Ups in a personal exchange with your team. Drive home the value and connection of personalized, meaningful CFUs by organizing a CFU exchange. Incorporate it into your next team training, team lunch or make it a celebration, a new tradition to help you connect more with your team, your community.

Feeling the impact of Creative Follow-Up will inspire deeper more meaningful ideas for prospects and solidify your team’s commitment to this part of the Prospect-Centered Sales®  process – leading to not just more sales, but better sales.

For more information on Prospect-Centered Sales® and how Sherpa is revolutionizing how communities connect with the prospective resident and their family – contact sales@sherpacrm.com.

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